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Etree Productions Ltd

Etree serves as a conduit for our design and manufacturing facilities here in the UK.

There are always new products on the drawing board. However, when bringing a new product through the system, it must meet certain criteria.

It must have longevity and fulfil a need or improve on products already existing in the marketplace, be of good design and have a robust quality.

If you have a product idea of your own but aren’t sure where to start – Get in touch.

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Growing by design

We believe that a strong and successful company is attained through innovation.
All of our products are designed, manufactured and distributed by us here in the UK.


from idea to reality.

Product Design & Development

We offer professional product design and prototyping, mould tool making and manufacturing services.

our own product range at wholesale prices.

Business to business

We have a wide range of gardening and diy products which are available for the wholesale and retail sectors.

We also have a range of plastic cases if you’re looking for a robust, premium and long lasting packaging for your products.


John Collins


Lyn Groves

Business operations & accounts

Jim Randal

Design team

Austin Collins




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